Manufacturing Custom Scarves for twenty years specializes in manufacturing custom scarves for a variety of types of clients and markets

We print traditionally on silks, wool, cotton, and rayon, blends of materials as well as synthetics depending on the desired result.

We also offer digital printing on scarves as well in cases when  the artwork demands a continuous tone effect like in the case of a photographic image.  While digital printing offers new possibilities for scarf printing, often a traditional print technique will be the most effective and vibrant choice for printing your scarf.  We will review your scarf artwork to determine what type of printing will be required to translate onto the final scarf – so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate for your scarf project.


Step One:

The process of printing textiles requires translating the original artwork whether a drawing or painting or a computer generated file into a spot colors that can print either as a pure color or as a shade of a pure color. This is when we determine how many colors will be needed to print your scarf.  Sometimes we will layer colors in a scarf print to create the full effect.

Once the colors have been isolated, we test print and finish the scarf to confirm that the translation has been a success.

Step Two:

Once the sample scarf is approved for color and all the details, we will proceed to printing all of the scarves using the sample as a our color guide when printing.

Each scarf will be checked after printing before we finish the hemming.  We use a three point quality check for any flubs in the printing before hemming, to provide a top quality final scarf.

Hemming of the scarf is a cost factor as well as a design detail we like to discuss at the outset of any custom scarf assignment

We provide several types of hems depending on the material of the scarf and the desired finish. A hand rolled hem for silk is the most traditional hemming technique and favored by silk scarf connoisseurs.  Hand rolled hemming is when the edge of the scarf is rolled and hand stitched by stitch and the resulting hem has a soft rolled and slightly uneven finish.

Hand Roll Scarf Hem

Hand Rolled Silk Scarf


A hand rolled hem is more fragile than a machine hem, but considered the best quality for silk.  Sometimes a machine hem for a scarf is appropriate especially when the scarf will have more wear and tear like in the case of a uniform.  When we make scarves for airline uniforms for instance, we recommend not only a stain proof finish, but a machine hem for durability.  See machine hemming on silk below.


Machine Roll Scarf Hem

Machine Hem Scarf

Step Three:

Once complete, we will ship your scarf order via air to the final destination to minimize the amount of time the finished scarves are in transit.  For clean storage each scarf will be bagged in a clear opp bag to keep shifting of the scarves to a minimum.  Finished scarves, like all fine textiles, should always be stored in a climate controlled environment to be sure no excessive moisture enters the fibers of the scarf.

There is always loss and damage in the production process of scarves whether printing on silk or any other fiber because we print with wet inks on fabric.  Generally we overprint slightly to allow for your final quantity to be an accurate count. You will only be invoiced for the finished scarves that pass our strict inspection.  All of our scarves include shipping and duty.


We look forward to working with you to create your custom scarf: 212-477-9373 is a division of Gouda, Inc.